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Final post


…and finally

And so I suppose it's time to say.... see you over on the other side!

Scary where the last 20 odd years have gone since first typing away on this forum all those years ago. My post count has gone down over the years (blame entering the world of work) and the hair line has receded a fair bit (blame aging and again the world of work) but the discussion and debate on here is as entertaining and wonderful as it was back in the noughties whilst on the joys of a 56k modem. How weird that times have moved on so much but in some ways, this place has always remained a warm, familiar place. I think everyone has pretty much said everything else I would also like to say so I won't copy and paste the same statements again. Although of course, as everyone has said, massive thanks to Asa for connecting a whole community of self confessed TV geeks via the wonders of the internet!

As the saying goes, this will be au revoir, rather than goodbye. Hope that another 21 years will pass with the same wonderful, whacky, funny and bizarre conversations that have taken place on here over the years with the advent of the new forum.

I suppose the big question remains.... who will write the final post on here? It's got all of the tension of a Line of Duty cliff hanger or an EastEnders duff duff!

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This Morning

I think the scenery doors are here, and this whole section comes away, or even opens outwards to the doors:


I love how that looks like Phil has become some evil mastermind who has locked Holly up in a laser cage of somesort. Laughing