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Britain’s Got Talent 2018

LCL92 posted:
I wonder if the BGT clips they showed on Monday are what ITV has on standby in case of a prolonged fault with any show, not just BGT. The caption at the bottom read as a bit too generic to just be for BGT breakdowns, it might be ITV’s version of Coast and the like.

Every live show is required to have an emergency filler tape as part of their live transmission planning. They are usually 10-15 mins in length and are required to have the disruption caption as lower thirds added in. Copies are kept at the TX source (so the OB truck in this case), as well as at transmission.

That's not to say they don't have generic filler clips if something goes wrong during playout of recorded programmes. Not sure if that extends to BGT for breakdowns over Christmas and the like.

X Factor's filler tape was used when Fountain had a power cut at the start of a live show in 2011.

I believe it was actually a power cut at BT Tower that caused that particular incident, and not at the studio source

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Fountain Studios To Close

Absolutely, the problem is the mass of redevelopment around the Wembley area and the sky-rocketing London property prices. Studios aren't cost-effective businesses in London.

As a resident member of staff at Fountain I can honestly say that we're all gutted, but nobody is surprised by this having happened. Whataday is right to say that making a £16 million profit would have been next to impossible as TV is expensive to make and therefore requires constant investment.

The truly sad thing is that it's another TV studio gone, and with it a massive amount of culture and history.