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Davidjb Founding member

Good Morning Britain in 2020

I can't be the only one that hears 'The A Team' theme tune in the new title sequence music?

Oh my goodness. You're absolutely right. It's the drumbeat over the date and the orchestral sweep up before the theme kicks in. Can't unhear this now.

Edit: Hope you don't mind my nicking your idea, but I think it fits quite well...

Yep once you hear it there’s no going back! 😂

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Davidjb Founding member

BBC News Channel To Go Online Only?

I'd say there's more chance of the news channel being scrapped entirely than just going online. Putting it online only would effectively kill it off anyway as the amount of people who watch tv live online is still minimal compared to tv. Personally I want to see the news channel continue and prosper. It's a vital service especially when major events are taking place. Scrapping it leaves us with no real alternative other than Sky News, we need a choice to make sure we are not getting fed a biased view.