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…and finally

With TV Live Forum now up and running, now seems to be a good time to bid farewell to TV Forum.

Having visited this site every day for eight years, it'll be strange to make the transition over from blue to purple, but I'm sure I'll get by. If the first day of TV Live Forum is anything to go by, we're in very safe hands going forward.

Heartfelt thanks to Asa, Bail, and Charlie Wells, (and not forgetting those who were part of the top table back when I was merely a pre-membership lurker), for keeping things on track here for two decades.

To put a positive spin on things, just remember that at least you'll no longer have to read through my tiresome posts about how awful Piers Morgan is. (Well, not here , at least...) Every cloud.

I've struck up some incredibly close friendships with users on this site, and I will forever remember that TV Forum was the genesis of these close bonds.

See you on the purple side, friends.


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BBC News at Ten Gaffe

Does this really need a thread?

We've been told to create new threads rather than add to 'megathreads', yet when people try their best to follow that advice, they get a response like this, and then people wonder why (especially newer) users are hesitant/unsure about posting.