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GMB using split screen for presenters

Huge difference in the seamlessness of the camera trickery on today's programme.

Yesterday, there was a noticeable blur down the centre of the screen and the background looked noticeably lighter behind Alex compared to Kate.

Compare that to today's effort (below), which, frankly, looks to me to be a whisker away from as 'natural' as the pre-COVID set-up looked as a casual viewer (providing neither Alex nor Kate dare to move their arm more than a inch or two away from their designated position, at which point the illusion is shattered somewhat...)


(As a complete aside, I think it's interesting that GMB held a feature about a constant stream of bad news being bad for people's mental health bearing in mind who they've got at the desk whipping everything up between Monday and Wednesday every week, but that's another matter which I've already bored you all with...)

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'Rota' talk on this site

Genuinely not trying to be provocative for the sake of it here but having only ever been used to the 'mega-thread' style (I recall the 'Daybreak' thread having three figures of pages when I joined up in 2013), I really don't quite understand what's expected of us any more.

There were some minor changes to GMB this morning in that they began using a different split screen graphic for Piers and Susanna so that, like a few other programmes, they appear to be sitting next to each other despite, in reality, being distanced.

This isn't a massive topic for extended discussion and certainly isn't worthy of a thread in its own right but it's the kind of thing which some people would be interested to know had changed, but there's now nowhere to post this, to the extent that it's been referred to in the This Morning thread since the GMB one has been closed.

Where exactly are we supposed to post these little bits of information which are worth mentioning but certainly not worthy of their own thread if there's no longer a general thread for programmes like Good Morning Britain and Loose Women?

Previously, if you were interested in Loose Women or GMB, you'd go to their dedicated threads to read about them. If you weren't interested in those programmes, you wouldn't read those threads. Surely that's a sensible system as it is? There are a number of threads which I never read, because I don't personally have any interest in that topic/programme, but I understand that others must find this to be interesting and therefore I merely skip over it. I don't understand why people cannot do the same with the two ITV Daytime threads which have been closed.

Now that the GMB and Loose Women threads have been closed down, people who are interested in those shows now find themselves unable to discuss these programmes, and people who aren't interested in them will stumble upon bits and pieces posted in the 'wrong' places, e.g. the talk of GMB's new split screen appearing in the This Morning thread today due to the lack of a dedicated space for this discussion.

I'm struggling to understand (a) how this is supposed to be an improvement, (b) how we're supposed to post these little day-to-day updates post-thread-closures?

Just seems like because a few people were 'boring people' by talking about rotas in a few threads, the many people who enjoyed reading/contributing to those threads generally are being punished, and I'm afraid that doesn't sit right with me at all.