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NBC updated the Nightly News set following the 2020 Election. Completely details on NewsCast studio. Most of the wood tones were removed in favour or silver. Only the wood trimed anchor desk was retained. According the Newscast studio the were not temporrary due to the election, but the red and blue floor is still being debated. They also used a variety of new camera angles and movements to add energy to the broadcast. Overall a nice update.

Those titles still seem weak - something not quite right with the look of the cgi and rendering

The full versions were more impressive.

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ITV News editor Geoff Hill issues emotional message to staf


ITV News editor Geoff Hill has stepped down and bid an emotional farewell to staff after the return of the cancer he has fought for three years.

Hill, who was appointed ITV News editor in 2013, told the team he was “utterly devastated” to be leaving – especially as he had been hoping to return to work full-time within weeks.

But after being told his leukaemia had relapsed, Hill decided to step down and concentrate on fighting the disease “with everything I have”.

Wishing Geoff all the best in his fight.