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Oh dear, the substitute Belarus voting was incorrect .... The EBU have had to correct the final result

The corrected result

Netherlands (498 points)

Italy (472 points)

Russia (370 points)

Switzerland (364 points)

Sweden (334 points)

Norway (331 points)

North Macedonia (305 points)

Azerbaijan (302 points)

Australia (284 points)

Iceland (232 points)

Czech Republic (157 points)

Denmark (120 points)

Cyprus (109 points)

Malta (107 points)

Slovenia (105 points)

France (105 points)

Albania (90 points)

Serbia (89 points)

San Marino (77 points)

Estonia (76 points)

Greece (74 points)

Spain (54 points)

Israel (35 points)

Belarus (31 points)

Germany (24 points)

United Kingdom (11 points)

Michael Rice's total is now lower than before.
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The Sport Thread

BTS Major AV Sync issues with the Lisbon CL feed tonight Audio several seconds ahead of video. Thunderstorms in UK quoted as reason.

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Manchester Terror Attack

Wrong Brekkie ....

The concert is for the Victims. The Demographic of those who attended the concert are being served perfectly. Indeed those who were at the concert and are able to attend are getting free admission too.