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DJ Dave

Coronation Street

To be fair, if you want to come in and revamp Corrie, with mass killings, it would help if you knew a fair bit about the current era of the programme.

I stopped reading after half your corrie post ideas as it was awful, but looking back Sally and Tim are a great comedy double, I was never really that big a fan of Sally until she got with Tim.

Again Steve McDonald is now a corrie legend but you want to write him out along with other legends like Tracy etc.

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DJ Dave

ITV abandons the South Bank

Will ITV News have a new studio as Well as News London or pretty much the same?

I wish! ITV News is in need of a rebrand in my opinion

Disagree, think this is the best Itv News has looked for a long time, and the branding fits across the whole area unlike the past where it has been mix matched.