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…and finally

I think others have covered it all more eloquently than me...

Just to add my word of thanks for creating something so well established - an impressive achievement in its own right - and something that will be much missed in my daily routine. I'm another one of the originals who stepped into the shadows more recently, but I continued to enjoy reading the insights and knowledge of others. It's been fun watching the drama and in-jokes unfold, and 20 years on I'm still unsure how I'd explain all of this to anyone outside the community.

I think Larry said it well: "I can't quite believe how emotional I'm feeling because I won't be able to discuss TV logos with a bunch of strangers on the internet".

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BBC World News | 30th October 2017 Onwards

BBC Kenya.
from Kenyans.co.ke

Well that's weird... the picture in the middle is of the council office in Southend-on-Sea... Confused