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Piers and Susanna had an argument this morning over whether they should read out a government statement on the student nurses situation. Piers saying that if they have something to say they should come on the show, but Susanna continued to read it out while Piers continued complaining about the government GMB boycott and then sticking fingers in his ears saying 'not listening'.
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AlexS posted:
With double headed though, one presenter starts early, might do lunchtime, and leads the preparation of the programme. The other starts later and then stays on for the late bulletin. So it isn’t a straight forward as losing one role.

Also with it being a magazine with light and shade, double headed works better, it’s the same reason why Breakfast is double headed.

It's not good that so many people are losing their jobs, however Breakfast is a 3 hour sometimes 4 hour long show though, it would very difficult for one presenter to do the whole thing on their own, so I think that's an unfair comparison.
I think the single presenter format on Look North Leeds has worked fine over the last few months.

I am not arguing that Breakfast should become single headed, but to suggest that it is very difficult for a presenter to do 3 hours alone simply ignores the fact that multiple presenters do just that every day on the news channel (and sky news). If any of the breakfast presenters are incapable (which I am not saying they are as I believe they would be capable) of doing what people like Simon McCoy and Martine Croxall do daily and the BBC wanted Breakfast to go single headed the solution would be replacing them with the people who are capable rather than retaining duel headed presentation.

Fair point.

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Cuts to the BBC clothing allowance obviously.

Never usually around to see it at this time of day but I caught the end of the 1pm bulletin and saw someone walking around the BBC newsroom behind Reeta in a grey hoodie. Quite a poor impression it made actually and I even mentioned it to the person with me here.

That's appalling. I understand it someone's arriving at work they may be in casual wear then get changed when they get in properly. But in my opinion, if your privileged enough to be in a job where you can walk around in the background of a national BBC News bulletin, you should be dressed appropriately.

I love how we are focusing on a grey hoodie and not the 500 or so jobs that are going.
Maybe the person in the hoodie is only there to find out if they have a job or not, and not actually on shift. Either way, it doesn't really matter.