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Morning version of The One Show?

RDJ posted:
Gethin has posted a sneak preview of the set on his Instagram.

Not using the conventional One Show set... different sofas, Persian rug and a smaller screen. And clever use of Japanese style paper shaded borders / shelves covering up the big ‘one’ lettering at the window.

Is that not the Sunday Morning Live set?

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Cuts to the BBC clothing allowance obviously.

Never usually around to see it at this time of day but I caught the end of the 1pm bulletin and saw someone walking around the BBC newsroom behind Reeta in a grey hoodie. Quite a poor impression it made actually and I even mentioned it to the person with me here.

That's appalling. I understand it someone's arriving at work they may be in casual wear then get changed when they get in properly. But in my opinion, if your privileged enough to be in a job where you can walk around in the background of a national BBC News bulletin, you should be dressed appropriately.

I love how we are focusing on a grey hoodie and not the 500 or so jobs that are going.
Maybe the person in the hoodie is only there to find out if they have a job or not, and not actually on shift. Either way, it doesn't really matter.