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Coronavirus | Television News Coverage

They've been doing the Weather VR stuff throughout lockdown but I don't think it necessarily requires Studio A - whilst there are some moving shots that give the impression of a jib the presenter is always directly facing the camera, even when the camera angle of the VR set is changing. The presenter is always in the *exact* same position in the virtual set and never moves off that spot next to the screen. I would therefore hazard a guess that they're filming these sequences on a normal green screen elsewhere (without any fancy tracking) and then just editing in the VR stuff around him?
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BBC News (UK) presentation - Reith launch onwards

Victoria Derbybshire's first hour began with the lights now working, she mentioned about them not working. Notice the newsroom also in late night colours.


That shot seems to really suit Victoria and further proves how good she would be on Newsnight.

How on earth does being sat at a desk whilst the newsroom is slightly purple prove that she'd be a good presenter for Newsnight?