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New Meridian, BBC South & South East Thread

South East Today set was introduced in September 2014. I like it. a improvement to the previous set. A backdrop of Tunbridge Wells would be nice

It is looking quite tattered now. Yellowing desks etc. I was never a fan of the look in the first place. But it's nice that the BBC has serveral different places that the presenters can read the bulliten from (sofa, desk, screens) rather than just Meridian's desk

It isn't yellow at all in real-life. Look at this:

I wonder what the oldest set-piece still in use across the regions is? I imagine that desk, which looks to be the same as the the desk installed with a new set in 2004, is up there?! Over the years they've changed the bottom half of it to red and added some glass added to the top so they could hide monitors underneath, but it looks to ultimately be the same desk that was installed a good 16 years ago now!

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BBC1 Christmas 2017 Idents

Wicko posted:
Why didn't these "raped" women go to the police when it happened?.

Off topic, but what an absolutely ridiculous view you hold. Moron.