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What was your favorite regional ITV station growing up?

UTV was bandied about from around launch time, but never as the primary term.

It tended to be the press who went with the abbreviation, particularly newspapers who weren't as hardline-Unionist in ethos. I remember the Belfast Telegraph carrying listings for "UTV", while one local paper used to call the station "Six-County" TV, quotation marks included. Likewise, the News Letter remains partial to references to "Ulster Television", even in a post-1993 context.

The 1970s on-air use of UTV, from the evidence I've read and seen, mirrored the 1990s to an extent; adopting the abbreviation on the evening news programme and presentation elements in tandem with Ulster Television, without going the whole hog of a comprehensive 1993-style rebrand with one coherent brand name.

By the end of the 1970s, that phase of using UTV on-air seemed to pass: UTV Reports morphed into Good Evening Ulster at the start of 1979; and I've yet to come across off-air broadcast material created by the company from the 1980s - or up until the summer of 1992 when UTV mentions were being factored in again gradually - with visual or spoken reference to anything but "Ulster Television" or the less-frequent "Ulster TV".

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Coronation Street

#classiccorrie appeared to be trending a few minutes ago - a good piece of PR indeed.

Let's hope ITV3 change the "rewind the clock back to the 80s" pre-rec continuity announcement by next week...