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30 years ago today: the smokey globe and the 2s

The smoky globe always seemed like a weird cop-out, and consequently I hated it on principal (despite it being aesthetically quite nice).

Either run with the idea that a stylised "1" numeral is now the channel's identifier rather than a globe, or don't! Rolling Eyes

Stings/bumpers/trailers etc featured a myriad of interesting 3D iterations of the new "1" symbol (which could easily have also been the basis of the idents) and not a trace of the globe. And yet the main ident had the new "1" rendered in plain old white and 2D, and slapped on top of a globe - the symbol which they could've ditched completely. The fact that the "smoky" design of this globe made it a bit obscure, and not necessarily that obvious that it was even a globe at all, meant that overall they had essentially all but completely ditched the globe in favour of the "1" but couldn't quite bring themselves to fully let the globe go.

It's weird to think that the whole "1" idea only lasted for a single revamp, with the very next revamp being the hot air balloon with a globe design on it (albeit with the "acid trip" colour scheme of yellow land and red water). The fact that the balloon was essentially an evolution of the globe, made it effectively as if the few intervening years of "1" had never happened.

I would advocate some sort of "1" symbolism being the replacement for what we currently have. Quite frankly, footage of real actual murder victims' bodies, with "bBc 1" scrawled on the floor/wall in their blood would be less of an abomination than W**kness is.

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Nick Music

"Nick Music" sounds like an incitement to go shoplifting at HMV.