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New Meridian, BBC South & South East Thread

In most cases (Gateshead, Leeds, Birmingham, Norwich, and Bristol), where only two sub-regions are produced at a single location, there would be no excuse (in my opinion) to do the pre-recorded sub-region any earlier than the 5pm hour.

I guess that with Meridian having "three" (well, two-and-a-bit!) sub-regions, it'd be a bit of a stretch. 40 minutes worth of pre-recording are required, regardless of which iteration of the programme will be 100% live at 6pm. To cram that all into the 5pm hour, with only 2 x 10-minute breaks between each edition, is perhaps a bit tight.

I do hope that the earliest pre-recorded edition doesn't start any earlier than 4:30pm though. Or, better still, 4:45pm. If we're gonna have pre-recorded news at all, then it should be recorded the least far in advance that is practically possible.

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There is enough room on BBC1 and BBC2 to represent the whole of the UK

I'm sure that for donkey's years Sunday afternoons (or something) on network BBC One included an expendable repeat of some dirge - such as an ancient sitcom episode or whatever - which the northern England regions could opt out of to show The Super League Show.

This kind of thing, to create places where the Nations' own programming could be accommodated on One and Two without them particularly missing the dropped network show, seems a no-brainer.