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TV shows that moved channel?

What the Papers Say has been mentioned as an ITV to Channel 4 transfer (in fact on air on day 3 - and possibly its' first fully networked showing).

A couple more for you - LWT's Credo and Tyne Tees' Face The Press moved from ITV to C4 when it launched.

I'm pretty sure that John Swinfield's Enterprise series of business documentaries moved from regional exposure on Anglia to national on 4 as well, but happy to be corrected.

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Channel 4 pre-1993 regional opt outs

It was (as you said) a manned station originally. There was a test card, "D" with "ITA Belmont Ch 7" on B7. When E25 opened, it was "IBA Anglia Television", presumably this came from the colour control room at Mendlesham, microwave (BT or IBA?) to Tacolneston (**), then off-air and RBL to Belmont. There was an announcement (or a slide, I can't remember) that said something to the effect that all the frequency gratings on B7 were nonsense because they were broadcasting a converted TCF.

Wonderful stuff - it's this sort of recollection that's the highlight of the forum for me.