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I don't think that CBeebies needs menus, most viewers can't read...

The same could be argued for Nick JR., Milkshake and Disney Junior.

Nick JR and Disney Junior hasn't got in vision continuity and I'm pretty sure they only use Next/Later idents. Milkshake has in vision continuity but the design isn't as plain to the point it looks like the Freeview close down slide and I don't think they use it as an ident, more of a slide to voice over
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BBC 2020 Rebrand Project

Sorry I think we’re in a different world from 1997 and this sort of bland non personality rebrand would not cut it

I agree, the BBC are also competing with more than just television channels, they are competing with online brands. It has to stand out.

The personality, like 1997, could be put into branding but I think you should at least add some colour to the logos.

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BBC Cross Channel Promotion Menu

There probably isn't as many cross channel promotions as there were a few years ago, it's all about iPlayer now! 🤷‍♂️

Nonetheless, I created one. I got the idea from JetixFann450's BBC mock which is a few posts before this one, You can see a few design elements borrowed from that but most of it was just stuff I came up with.

Here it is!

And yes, I've kind of improved since my last mock Laughing Wink