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…and finally

When I was 8, 9, this would be the place I would scroll through in my free time after school and sometimes in-between lessons on the outdated school iPad's (yes, primary school children have iPads! 😂) to fuel my weird obsession over idents, test cards and TV opening sequences. My teachers even ended up knowing about this website!

I'm 15 now; I now have a habit of typing in '' in my search bar. It's muscle memory! I doubt it'll ever go.

Goodbye TV Forum.
Thank you, Asa.

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BBC Cross Channel Promotion Menu

There probably isn't as many cross channel promotions as there were a few years ago, it's all about iPlayer now! 🤷‍♂️

Nonetheless, I created one. I got the idea from JetixFann450's BBC mock which is a few posts before this one, You can see a few design elements borrowed from that but most of it was just stuff I came up with.

Here it is!

And yes, I've kind of improved since my last mock Laughing Wink