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ITV Rebrand 65th Anniversary

Nancer was right to say ‘no... just no’ to this. I’d say the same thing honestly.

Yes, it does stand out, but it stands out for being very bland and quite dull. Branding also counts as marketing material and shapes the tone of the channel.

It doesn’t feel like ITV at all. Like other people has said, it looks like a broadsheet newspaper, or even a clothing line. I know you wanted this but the tone and entire brand does not suit a commercial entertainment broadcaster, and in some cases that is fine, but what we’re seeing here is just, again, really dull.

If I were you, I’d turn the entire idea upside down and start from scratch again.


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BBC Cross Channel Promotion Menu

There probably isn't as many cross channel promotions as there were a few years ago, it's all about iPlayer now! 🤷‍♂️

Nonetheless, I created one. I got the idea from JetixFann450's BBC mock which is a few posts before this one, You can see a few design elements borrowed from that but most of it was just stuff I came up with.

Here it is!

And yes, I've kind of improved since my last mock Laughing Wink