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ABC1 closed September 26th 2007, the channel only lasted three years:

Believe the stream was later reused for Playhouse Disney.

I think it's odd how Disney were hoping to get better coverage on Freeview but just couldn't because the space that was there was heavily limited. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time Disney has attempted some sort of terrestrial coverage for one of it's channels (see: Sky Picnic, predates NOW TV and originally was intending to have The Disney Channel broadcast from 6am to 6pm)

Back in the 80's and 90's they had a pretty good thing going with giving ITV the Disney Afternoon syndication rights and then later owning a decent share in GMTV. But Disney UK had a lot more issue with having their best stuff on a non-premium channel. So while ABC Family/Freeform in the US did have decent access to Disney library, any freemum Disney channel in the UK usually got the stuff you didn't want and maybe one show worth watching. If you wanted the "good" disney stuff, you had to pay for Cinemagic/ Sky Disney/ Disney Life/ Disney+

I remember being excited when Toon Disney got included in our package, only for it to coincide with them stripping the playback list to the 3 same shows. Same happened with Disney Cinemagic, was originally showing the core studio animated films - opened up and then got a bunch of meh stuff till it closed. They actually gave it a unique final closing animation where the lights in the street slowly all flicker off tho.

Also here's the closure of Channel One - I realise Sky didn't need yet another general channel under their wing after they brought it, but I always thought the idents were some of the more creative of the 2010's. I assume it was mostly automated anyway, but I like to think someone cue'd up this rather appropriate ident before closing up.

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30 years since the closure of BSB

I'm somewhat surprised "Square Peg" wasn't already linked here. If you have an hour or so to binge and want to know the nitty gritty on how BSB somehow managed to totally fumble the satellite ball to Sky. Bob/Applemask has you covered.

In terms of remembering? My first experience with Satellite was my aunt and uncles Sky set up, I remember seeing the name and being told the BSB in the Sky BSB was the competitor they merged with, but there wasn't much to find of it till archive footage popped up online. The Lamby-Narn idents for Galaxy and Powerhouse are great though.