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BBC One Breakdown

dbl posted:
nigel posted:
The breakdown slides are worse than in the 70’s and 80’s now.
No music and not even a menu of “Programs this evening on One”.

Hmmm...maybe a little unfair, this was a few years ago.


Tonight's clearly was a massive fail and the priority was just to get things going again.

The 2017 breakdown didn't play out like that for everyone - was this a regional one? As I remember it playing out without a slide or CA to hide the playlist constantly going back to that weird "Breaking News" sting that looks like an awkward mock (was it ever actually used outside of this Breakdown?)

I do remember that evening the usual BBC News graphics winked in and out and they eventually switched to pre-recorded stuff till they could hand to BBC World early.

But I'm assuming that generally the BBC would anticipate that any issue these days would normally be fixed quick enough that you don't really need the archive music on standby or would be awkward to put on if it's fixed in seconds. At least we always have archives of the old ones with that comfy Muzak eh?

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Jeremy Kyle Axed

EDIT: Post typed up before I saw the Daily Mail story with potential further details on the case involved. Points still valid.

Speaking as someone with depression & anxiety, people forget that (assuming it's suicide) - there's usually a lot of things going on to make someone take such a dark road, it's not like "whelp gonna look stupid on TV better kill myself", it's more like a dripping tap of constant stress around life, how little control you have over it, and the sneaking idea that if you can't improve things or fix your relationships, then maybe eliminating yourself solves everything in a quick fashion. Granted yes, "Going on Jeremy Kyle to discuss my issues in front of a live audience" is probably going to add some drops to the cup.

It's far too common these days that people look at someones history and condense the reason they became self-destructive to any one thing. That's not to say I don't think what ITV has done is right, but I think rushing to conclusions could potentially muddy a complex case where I'm sure the family are keen to understand how things came to this tragic conclusion for their loved one.

(also I think Daily Fail here also skipping on some press rules about suicide cases here - it's equally as predatory to get the scoop on this guys death and push a family dealing with massive trauma to speak out when really this should be handled in a private investigation rather than in the public sphere. But hey whatever sells the papers right?)

Putting that aside, the JK team could be a positive force when it did less of the "lie detector" and "gonna call you scum a lot" type stories. Like the research team finding lost relatives, or helping people who honestly called up to admit their faults who maybe needed a push to face family over it. The issue for me has always been the cases that seem to have annual passes to the JK show or probably could of been best served by being referred directly to the aftercare team rather than put on the show. Alas people love to watch that sort of thing, was the same reason Big Brother became a sensationalised mess - there's a reason it dropped the house tasks, chickens and proper psychological study over booze, sex and cheap twists.

I admit when much younger it was sometimes nice to watch JK to remember at least things were not that bad for me. Now when it's the "yell at a villian of the piece" episode, mostly you just hope that maybe it stops someone continuing a destructive cycle of going back to people who are very bad for them.

Also Judge Rinder is generally a lot more softball, he ribs the guests a bit, but generally doesn't go hard unless something really seems wrong. Not sure they would move him from his current slot however. IMO I wouldn't mind a cooking show in the middle there, even if that does somewhat overlap with This Morning.