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Oh boy… I’d like a ban on talking about Piers Morgan’s ratings tweets. It always ends up with the same conversation going over the same arguments again and again.

I think I'm inclined to agree with you VMPhil. Piers Morgan is well known to be highly selective and misleading with his tweets relating to ratings, which is perhaps a skill that comes from his days as a tabloid editor (and arguably a required skill if he ever wanted to become a poliitcian).

Therefore to save this thread from getting stuck in a white hole I'd strongly discourage discussion relating to Piers's ratings tweets. If you must discuss ratings statistics please use data that come from Barb, which tend to provide better context and is usually less misleading.
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Coronavirus | General TV News Coverage

Looks like we're being treated to another episode this afternoon, at least according to the iPlayer. Presumably covering the finally announced quarantine-free list of countries, and this weekend's change of restrictions in England.

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I've again removed a number of posts from this thread. Please do not reveal the identities of other users, especially if they are 'insiders'.

Sometimes insiders wish to post in public with a certain degree of anonymity. Revealing their identity can potentially cause problems for them at work, and also make them more reluctant to post on here in future. We are fortunate to have a number of users on here who work within the industry (some more well known than others), and they enrich the forums with their technical knowledge and the occasional snippets of insider news / forthcoming changes. I imagine that most of us would not wish to unintentionally lose such individuals.

If an industry insider wishes to make their real identity known I imagine they'd do it themselves via the signature are of their posts.