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Coronavirus | Television News Coverage

I actually cannot believe it. It's only taken a year, but finally the BBC have realised that there's no point in broadcasting Downing Street news conferences on BBC 1 in Scotland, Wales & NI, that are only about Covid restrictions in England. Shocked

They’ve done it a few times now have they not?

Today, and not broadcasting the 1 year lockdown anniversary Downing St news conference last Tuesday (Wales had it's own commemorative event instead), are the only times I've noticed it so far in Wales.

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BBC News this Christmas - impact of cuts & Covid

I can't believe some of the hyperbolic replies to this thread, ranging from swearing to accusing some people of wanting BBC 1 to become a rolling news channel on Xmas Day.

I've been interested in following news & current affairs for around 15 years, and in that time I cannot remember an Xmas Day & Boxing Day when BBC 1 did not have a structured, 10 - 15 minute early evening news bulletin on either day. So I set up this thread to merely question why in this news heavy year and during a rapidly evolving national crisis, why this year of all years, there's no scheduled, structured evening news bulletin at all on BBC 1 on Xmas Day & Boxing Day.

I wasn't "calling" for "extended" early evening bulletins on these 2 days. I was asking why there are no bulletins scheduled at all. Yes, there is the NC, but lots of people can't be bothered watching half hour of news and the analysis and other filler material the NC puts in to stretch it all out. They just want 10 - 15 mins of structured reports of the days main stories. Thinking that BBC 1 should have a 15 minute, structured evening bulletin on Xmas or Boxing Day is hardly wanting to turn BBC 1 into a Christmas rolling news channel, as has been implied by some.

I agree with the replies that it's most likely a BBC 1 scheduling decision, but as I said, in this year of all year's, I find it a strange one. I just think that as the UK's publicly funded PSB in 2020, the BBC should be providing a 15 minute or so structured evening news bulletin, as it has done every year for as long as I can remember. I'm sure someone will contradict me and tell me that in 2002 there was no early evening news bulletin on Xmas or Boxing Day.

I await the further replies accusing me of wanting a BBC News takeover of BBC 1 on Xmas Day & Boxing Day to follow.......maybe some more swearing and sarcastic, bordering on offensive remarks will also be thrown in