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The Sport Thread

Jon posted:
But the difference with ITV is, the fact viewers are paying the subscription for the product.

That’s the crucial factor - people (myself included) are paying significant amounts of money to see the coverage. As frustrating as that was on ITV at least it could be understood.

Rather than the gaps between qualifying being ‘filler, for those who are interested they’ll appreciate the analysis and driver interviews.

Perhaps it should be expected given right from the start they’ve taken ad breaks during practice sessions when there is actually action on the track.

Sky would not dare put ads during a race - not unless they wanted every window at Sky HQ smashed by disgruntled F1 fans..

What alternative do they have? They're clearly testing the water

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BBC publishes new list of highest paid presenters

Jon posted:
Because we know Graham is paid through his production company for his chat show. I’m sure this discussion has been had before.

It has been expained to Jk Derry at least twice before.