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Netflix refreshes its ident

Makes you wonder why the ident is included in the edit of each video. Why don't they have it as a separate file?

When it comes to big streaming video providers that have client applications on a myriad of different devices (like mobile phones, web browsers, games consoles, set top boxes and a host of largely-bespoke smart TV platforms) the more that can be done server-side the better. Baking the ident into the main content means that the client just has to play one video file from start to finish, and not have to include any logic to play one video file and then another with no latency, or to "stitch" video files together so it looks like you're watching one continuous stream.

Sure, it's technically possible to do those things client-side, but reliability (and consistency of user experience) is key and Netflix has a client app on some very old (relatively speaking) devices that are underpowered compared to top-of-the-range smart TVs etc.; getting complex client-side behaviours to work reliably and consistently across a wide range of different-spec devices is difficult . So again: the less the client has to do, the better.
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BBC1 Christmas 2017 Idents

I think what he means is that in the full 2-minute film the dad is not dancing along with the girl at all, but the individual idents feature them both dancing. (Perhaps the idents are set after the short?) So editing parts of the film together with one of the idents makes it seem like he's ignoring her one minute, then happily bopping along with her the next.