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BBC Cymru Wales New HQ

Another preview of the new BBC Wales Today studio at Central Square. Rehearsals appear to be underway:

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Good Morning Britain

Extremly impressed by today's changes. Yes the average viewer may not notice, but for those of us who care it has actually solved a problem that has been bugging this forum since 2015. Of course that problem was the disjointed graphics package with all kind of shapes. But now we have:
- A neat brand new graphics package.
- Having every graphic square is effective.
- The split screen looks miles better than the previous incarnation.
- Even the graphic background matching the design of the studio walls is a nice addition.
- We have a weather bug again!

Other positives:
- The new music package has taken the best elements of the 2014, 2015 and extra beds to create an excellent rendition of the theme.
- love that they've made it more dancy and upbeat yet has some authority.
- The steadicam at the start is different yet terrific and I would be dissapointed if they dropped that quick zoom at the TOTH.
-The logo, whilst I thought having a gradient would make it worse, the animation of the gradient moving is quite cool.
- And they've finally perfected the lighting in the studio Smile