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Big Brother USA 22 - 2020

I do think the premiere showed why they don't usually do it live but I hope they intend to learn from it rather than never do it again. As I feared beforehand two hours was too much of a drag, especially containing the same competition four times. Had they kept it to an hour with the four groups moving in and then an HoH Comp to finish the hour off it would have ran much more smoothly. That said the pros of premiering live far outweigh the hanfdul of awkward moments we had as a result.

It does seem a much more balanced cast than the last All Stars which was heavily weighted to the previous season, with every season since BB6 represented except two. Is depressing though watching people you saw play in their mid-20s now playing in their late 30's, especially when you realise you've aged with them.

As for the set - as I feared the blue just makes it look washed out. Looks much better in the few moments where it became darker.

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BBC News Channel Presentation - 21/03/16 onwards

Are my eyes deceiving me or did whoever put together the Review 2016 titles miss the 5 out of the 'countdown'?

5 sadly passed away this year.