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Agree - a big issue with The Voice is the audience doesn't really connect with the contestants and as much as The X Factor live shows can feel like a chore it didn't work too well for them when they cut it down to 7 live shows due to the Rugby World Cup in 2015. The Aussie version tried to cut down the live shows last year with mass eliminations and that just resulted in the axe.

I do think realistically if a week of live shows does happen it'll be before the final stage with a reworked Six Chair Challenge (and judges houses scrapped, saving considerable cash). Then the live stages would probably see the separate results show scrapped and it all just streamlined a bit more, with the inevitable aim to be to cut costs (reflecting it's current ratings) rather than to revamp the show - but actually streamlining things is just the kind of revamp it needs.
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NETWORK 10 NEWS | Job Cuts

These seem more brutal than most, especially losing the hosting teams outside of Melbourne and Sydney.

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BBC News Channel Presentation - 21/03/16 onwards

Are my eyes deceiving me or did whoever put together the Review 2016 titles miss the 5 out of the 'countdown'?

5 sadly passed away this year.