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Along with axing Konnie though I do think they need to get back to the point of The Xtra Factor for the live shows and feature the contestants prominently once again. Last year they were reduced to brief on stage interviews at the beginning and the occasional VT, when previously they'd featured pretty much throughout the show. The emphasis unfortunately became too much on the judges calls - which was a great idea when they first did it, but became tedious doing it on every show and increasingly featuring the same callers calling back in.

In a way now The Xtra Factor suffers from the same problem BBLB did towards the end - all the behind the scenes stuff and discussion is out there already without the need for it to be packaged into a show with an online 24/7 presence and pretty much a 24/7 presence in the media too.
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The Sport Thread

As predicted FA Cup replays have been scrapped next season.

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BBC News Channel Presentation - 21/03/16 onwards

Are my eyes deceiving me or did whoever put together the Review 2016 titles miss the 5 out of the 'countdown'?

5 sadly passed away this year.