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The Sport Thread

Today's Europa League qualifiers on Premier Sports are not going well, smeary picture breakup on the Rangers game and a complete loss of feed on the Spurs game (not sure 'Back Soon' is the best wording on a breakdown slide I've seen). Obviously lots of very unhappy people on social media at the moment.

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New look Top Gear

Thought all in all it wasn't bad, if still obviously finding its feet. It did feel like it was missing something, Matt LeBlanc was more in the Hammond mold than I expected so perhaps it was missing a James May type. Occasional unnecessary (and sometimes unforgivable) lapses into bigotry aside, there wasn't much wrong with the previous incarnation so there's no need to change a great deal.

Also what is Sabine Schmidtz doing there? It's no place for a woman.

I'm sure Clarkson would be ashamed to have fans like you. Frankly this forum should be ashamed to have a poster like you.