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Hmm, wouldn't it make sense on the extended view to have the creator/replies etc on the top line next to the title and description with the preview taking up the whole width below? Otherwise there is a lot of whitespace and it pushes the other topics further down the page.
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APFS: Afternoon Programmes Follow Shortly Discussion

I always loved APFS. The forum was great but I sometimes think I was a bit too keen to get involved and rushed what I was doing.

Looking back at some of my old mocks - oh dear, I wasn't anywhere as near as good as I used to think I was.

A revival? I'd love it, I do think the world and the Internet has moved on now though, although I did knock this up on my phone just now...


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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

I believe the art of television presentation just died. Honestly why bother with them? They've not even tried to make them look visually good?