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BBC Regional SD/HD Transmissions

Bail posted:

Also the fact that ITV are expanding their HD regions on satellite but not on terrestrial (at least they're not yet) is also an indicator of this. The HD mux, which is the BBCs, carries both BBC One HD and ITV HD so ITV expanding their regions on there would help the BBC do the same.

Are all the ITV HD Regions available for us all to see on Sky or Freeview or is it by going to Settings and Manual Tuning still on Sky?

BBC North West is still SD 101.

You'll need to play with manual tuning options on Sky or Freesat receivers to see the other ITV HD regions, including those new regions already on-air ahead of joining the EPG on Tuesday.

(11097 vertical, symbol rate 23000 or 23Mbaud FEC 3/4.
SID 21010 Meridian North
SID 21015 Meridian South
SID 21070 Anglia West
SID 21080 Central East
Best to tune them in before Tuesday, when they will all be relabelled ITV HD.)

There's no change to ITV HD on Freeview and there's no change to BBC services.

Thank you.

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Good Morning Britain

"Live from ITV Studios in London" ??? Shocked


Well technically it is hired by ITV for the next 5 Years 😀