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Ben Shatliff

Good Morning Britain in 2020

Jon posted:
Don’t forget Judy is quite a bit older than Richard and I think she’s possibly had health issues in the past so he might not want to risk it. Of course they have been on TV together since lockdown, with a socially distanced crew in their house.

Apparently Piers & Richard were meant to be presenting GMB on International Men’s Day last year. But I think Richard ended up going to Australia for his son in laws appearance on I’m A Celeb when that was due to happen.

To be honest there hasn’t been many opportunities for him to cover this year until now. I wouldn’t read too much into him not appearing recently given everything that’s been happening.

During a time when Richard was being interviewed he and Piers spoke about if they ever presented together.

There is no reason why it shouldn’t happen sometime.

With the new promo showing a similar 1983 field with the logo; do we think we may see a new look or some changes in September?

A refresh can still be done with social distance.

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Good Morning Britain

"Live from ITV Studios in London" ??? Shocked


Well technically it is hired by ITV for the next 5 Years 😀