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ITV News: Rotas & Presenters

It's the summer, James Mates is probably on holiday.

We haven't seen the likes of Steve Scott or Natasha Kaplinsky behind the desk for some time, so I'm guessing if James Mates is unavailable on Sunday nights al will be used more, now Charlene is going on maternity leave pretty soon and Ranvir Singh hasn't done a weekend bulletin for a while

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This Morning

I really don't understand the James Martin hate on here? The real test is to see if he'll gel with Anita over the next few weeks.

I don't hate the guy - I just do not understand why he's been asked on so much since leaving Saturday Kitchen. He doesn't really have the same Charisma as other TM presenters.

Obsession? How many times has he been on?

What are they doing, trying to make it like the one show, hope not, the one show is terrible.

Not sure how many but he's done at least 5 shows by now I'm sure.

Just want to be clear that I do not hate the guy. He's perfect for a cookery show and that's where he really excels the best.

In my view, he's a bit out of place when it comes to a magazine show where you have fashion items, serious news etc and there's times I feel he has nothing to contribute and it feels like Holly had to make more of an effort of showing interest in most things apart from the cooking part of the show.

He's a terrible presenter