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BBC News 24

Keep an eye on my twitter @jbaileytv and I'll post the final thing in the next few weeks.
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…and finally

I've known for a couple of days, so I've had time to process as both Asa and I said in mod chat that TVF icon has been on our browsers for 20 years and been a near daily click, it'll be very weird to not have something that I quite litterally grew up with. But I'll reiterate here what I said there to Asa

Let me be the first to say thank you, you've created and nurtured a fantastic community here and it's been a joy to be part of as a member and moderator for most of my adult life! Your continual investment in the site in hosting costs and ongoing maintenance is a thankless task, so thank you for the many happy years of TV Forum.

I wish whatever takes it's place the very best.

Here's to you Asa and 20 amazing years of TV Forum! Cheers!