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BBC World News

BBC domestic channel might as well just constantly simulcast World anyway, for all the use it is to us.
Even right now, Sky News is in breaking news mode re the Isle of Wight tanker incident. They have a reporter live on the IOW and are speaking to different guests.
Meanwhile BBC News UK channel is showing a pre-recorded documentary called The Trump Effect, not even with a mention of the IOW on the flipper Rolling Eyes
It's so slow and detached for a rolling news channel, and why I go straight to Sky News for the very latest updates. You know you will get live, relevant rolling news.

Didn't you get the memo though - Sky News "looks like a Tesco Extra" and doesn't have wooshes and bangs and that's what matters for a news channel rather than whether you can tune in and be up-to-date on the day's main stories. Wink
(To be clear if the emoji isn't clear enough, I'm very much being tongue-in-cheek with that post and know Sky News criticism here is more on the presentation than the content).

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Coronavirus | Television News Coverage

Surprisingly for somebody who’s anchored news bulletins across 4 decades Fiona Bruce is quite good at presenting the news.