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I will leave judgement when I have recovered from the sheer amazement at both what you have done, and how you have done it.
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Just wanted to give BBI45 some inspiration using the Mother Design graphics for BBC Radio 1 and the BBC Three branding elements:

If the original poster wouldn’t mind, I’d love to pursue my version of your mock? You can of course object.

They look pretty good. I would consider going down that route, but I'm still in the early stages of working with a video editor, so I intend on keeping it quite simple. I'm also a fan of the current Newsbeat logo, and I'm not currently planning on changing it.

As for you pursuing your own version, that's fine by me. Just make sure you intentionally make it look awful, and give mine a boost.
(I'm only joking. Go for it!)

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This Morning

HJL posted:
Mods should warn (/ban?!) you for those comments. This topic isn't really what the forum is about... but those comments are so beyond the remits of this thread/ site.

I certainly think speculating that this has happened to 'save his job' is astounding. wow.

I think the interview was tasteful and incredibly brave. I am really proud and happy for him and his family and glad he felt ready to approach this in public. The affect of his honesty will be felt incredibly across a lot of the LGBT community. I think it will also help open dialogue across many demographics. I've actually felt very emotional about this today, and commend his bravery. I couldn't have done that when I came out at 21, a number of years ago!

I came out as bisexual recently and I am just so proud of him for his bravery and courage to speak up and be who he really wants to be.

I'm gonna give all my support for Schofe as he's now brave to love himself for who he is. He's one of the best British TV presenters and I can say this must have been a life-changing moment for his long career. This can inspire so many people who are too afraid to come out to just build up a little courage and be as brave as they can to express their own identity and be proud of it.

I wasn't originally gonna talk about this, but the above point about inspiring people means I might as well.

If it wasn't for the fact that Phillip came out today, I wouldn't have come out as bisexual today. I hadn't planned on coming out today. However, getting the notification from Sky News just before the show started prompted me to watch the interview, alongside my mother. This also made me think about when a good time to tell my parents would be. Then, as we were watching the interview, Phillip's bravery, honesty and courage struck a chord with me, and I decided that I'd have to do it at some point soon. Then the interview came to an end, and Eamonn and Ruth joined Phillip and Holly on the sofa, and me and my mother started talking about it. At that point, I decided it was now or never, and I opted for that moment.

As Sh1ruba has said, it takes a lot of bravery and courage to speak about these things, and Philip has likely given many people the boost they need. I can attest that he has given at least one person the courage they needed.

I'd also just like to say well done to both Sh1ruba for being so open about your sexuality and thanks for giving me the courage to write about everything here, and Ne1L C for being open about your autism (I know what it's like). As others have said, we still seem to be a while away from topics, like sexuality and mental health, being a non-issue for a majority of the population. However, despite some negative remarks on social media, the support shown for Schofield shows that we are, at least, taking steps in the right direction.