Happy 12th Birthday TVForum

Ha, some of those thread names made me smile. Whatever happened to Katherine?

And not a rota thread in sight - bliss!

A reminder of the great days of the chatroom too - with myself and a certain 'Cheshirec' presiding over discussion which often had nothing to do with television.

On the subject of whatevers - Whatever happened to Jaron? Laughing

Edit: Gosh, "J a r o n" is also in the swear filter. Is TV Forum trying to cover up its past? Perhaps we need to get Eddie Mair on the case.

Haha, I couldn't not reply and say hello with his name mentioned!

Don't really come here much any more, and post even less. I got caught out posting on here about a programme I was working on towards the start of my career (about 10 years ago!), and soon decided it was best to take a back-seat.

Remember fondly looking back on Jaron-gate, the great forum crash and the spinning off of The Lounge (something I always thought was a shame).

Think I found the forum through TV Home (as it was TV Home Forum back then) as my inner TV geek was interested in all the presentation from the other ITV regions. Remember everyone watching and commenting as ITV killed off its regional presentation and it turned into "ITV1". Sigh...