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…and finally

And so we head into the last 24 hours...

Thanks Asa for a brilliant 20 years. I spent much of it lurking, before signing up and slowing adding more and more into conversation.

I do work in the industry & have some geeky friends, but it’s nice to have a place to come and chat without worrying too much about people judging you for a busman’s holiday!

This place has become a bit of an addiction, in that I find myself clicking onto the icon on my phone whenever I have a free few minutes (or when I don’t and just want a distraction!). I’m pretty sure - like many - I’ve visited here everyday for as long as I can remember. I’ll probably do it out of habit for the next few weeks at least.. Very Happy

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Saturday Night Takeaway 2021

This is a really poor episode.

Really? I haven’t smiled/laughed this much in weeks & many on Twitter are saying the same.

Technically it’s fine, a few things to tweak but hey, it’s a different climate for a show like this. They’ve done well to adapt, loving the rainbow in the sky.