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Bauer rebranding 53 stations to The Hits/Greatest Hits

I know it's a mere 200 kHz, but the West Midlands service you're discussing is 105.2, not 105.4. 105.2 is interference limited as you progress through Staffs anyway, by Heart 105.4 from Winter Hill, and also to an extent by whatever Leicester Sound is called these days

Doh, yes shows how much you actually see a frequency on a car radio these days.... rarely actually tune into anything at all

I've given up trying to remember station names now, I just remember the frequency and transmitter.

Apart from BBC Radio, the only other two stations that spring to mind that haven't ever changed are Capital 95.8 and LBC 97.3, both in London. (Although LBC became Crown FM for a while, but everyone ignored that and just carried on saying LBC)

Am I right in thinking Heart in the West Midlands & London both haven’t changed names at all? Probably something like Isle of Wight Radio and maybe the ones on the channel islands too?

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Good Morning Britain in 2020

Is she though?

I am in no way a supporter of what Piers says/does, but ITV have clearly decided he’s the man for the job on GMB. He’s employed because of his marmite views and opinions on everything. It’s not really Susanna’s place to stop him from saying certain things, that’s his bosses.