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Latest post in TV Forum: New for (the middle of) 2020

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Cheers. I thought about changing it but think it works quite well as a subtle animation on each page. The snow globe is new at least!

Joe posted:
I really like it when threads are split, as we are encouraged to do. But it’s rather annoying when it happens quite far into a discussion, and the cookie ‘forgets’ where you are in it because it’s technically a new thread. For instance, I’ve been reading the Burley stuff for days, and it’s now a new thread - so I’m taken back to page 1. It happens fairly often. Is there any way this could be addressed?

A good idea, I’ll do that. It could get a bit confused when merging multiple threads but for a standard split should be fine.
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Armed Insurrection at US Capitol Building

A reminder to keep this to the news coverage of the event and not the event itself.

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TV Forum: New for (the middle of) 2020

Welcome to a new look! Hope you like it, you'll find everything pretty much in the same place but I think it's a bit fresher. It's also the first time every page has been given a makeover at the same time. A few main bits to note...

  • Private messages have been unshackled after almost 20 years of being in a tiny popup. Messages are also threaded like a topic, rather than the SMS-of-the-'90s vibe we've had until now.
  • As well as the overall vote, Gallery designs are now broken down by individual rating.
  • Dark mode! You can turn it on via your User settings and either have it on all the time, just at night or based on whatever your system settings are. There may be some corners of the site I've forgotten to style, please let me know.
  • Starting today, new members will not immediately have access to Request topics.
    It's a 2-step process, with permission to then be able to post later on. Hopefully this will stop people using this site purely for requests and encourage some more meaningful posts elsewhere.
  • Search: it now works! almost works Sad - exact phrases aren't currently being matched.

I'm sure there will be some bugs in places, I've had a snagging list arms length for a while so at some point I needed to just get it live.