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Andrew Founding member

Joe Biden's Inauguaration

ITV the only broadcaster to let us watch it full screen then - though even the location bug seems unnecessary and intrusive.

It's ludicrous having the lower third crap on BBC 1 and BBC News Channel, why have it on both?

I've watched it all on ITV too, least worst option

Why would BBC keep that horrible red banner and white flipper on screen through the whole thing? Seems a bit unnecessary considering such an event. Especially as it was billed as a separate programme and it was pretty obvious what was being shown!
I watched it on CNN and the graphics were pretty minimal.

Days like today is one benefit of ITV not having a news channel.

As a result they had to put on a bespoke programme, meanwhile BBC One just simulcast BBC World News complete with breaking news graphics throughout

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Andrew Founding member

BBC News Channel Presentation - 21/03/16 onwards

The last 3 posts are assuming all the forum is tuned in 24/7 to the news channel. I can assure you they aren't and no more than a couple will be, so you could elaborate on what actually happened.