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Smtv Live reunion

We already had SM:TV at prime time... it was called Slap Bang and it bombed.

I don't think Slap Bang failing 19 years ago is a reason not to do Smtv as a one off in prime time. If people were suggesting a series I'd agree, but the brand has reconition, they'd have Cat and Ant & Dec are a bonefide prime time success now.

Not saying it'll happen - Ant & Dec have said they'd love to do a morning one if it did - but if it doesn't, it won't be because of Slap Bang IMO.

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Amber Avenger

Saturday Night Takeaway 2020

RDJ posted:
That Bradley Walsh undercover was nowhere near as funny as the first one fifteen years ago.

And it’s not because there was a lack of the studio audience laughing. It just wasn’t that amusing.

Well everyone in our house was laughing along. Really properly enjoyed it.