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I like it. Although the Breaking News but doesn't quite look as polished as the rest and the last bit of the opening animation looks a bit cheap. But the begging of the intro is brilliant and I can see it really working and appealing to the THREE! demographic. I can see this almost mirroring ITN's rundown.

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ITV 2020 presentation refresh

I think this is a major step back.

It was a nice animation and concept before although I do prefer the new layout of the ECP text but in my opinion the channel logo looked much nicer in its 3 colour form and on the left of the screen.

The 2019 branding was in my opinion by far the best theve ever had. This is shockingly poor.

The BritBox promotion menu looks guff too. The logo looks really squished.

I might even go as far as to say I hate this rebrand however slight it may be it's obviously been done in-house and looks cheap whereas the old ones looked classier and was frankly more interesting. Why couldn't they've changed the HUB branding to something more interesting rather than dumbing down the main channel logo.

The other channels still look nice and hold freshness and the old look was a standout success. But this new look has made the channel seem boring and bland.