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Latest post in BBC News Presenter Count 1980s/1990s/2000s

BBC News at One 2010:

(1) Sophie Raworth - 115 programmes
(2) Kate Silverton - 82 programmes
(3) Jon Sopel - 29 programmes
(4) Louise Minchin - 23 programmes
(5) Simon McCoy - 10 programmes
(6) Emily Maitlis - 8 programmes
(7) Jane Hill - 3 programmes
(8 ) George Alagiah - 1 programme
(-) Ben Brown - 1 programme
(-) Emma Crosby - 1 programme
(-) Huw Edwards - 1 programme
(-) Tim Willcox - 1 programme
(-) Sian Williams - 1 programme

- The appearances from Huw, George, Ben and Tim were very much on location
- A lot of Jon Sopel's appearances were on location during the Election 2010 campaign but he made more studio appearances towards the later end of the year
- Sian Williams' appearance was after the election on Friday 7th May, presumably on location
- Emma Crosby covered on strike day in November 2010

Tim Wilcox on the 1. Oh my life.

Hardly surprising. At that time Tim was one of the main on location anchors and the One went through a stage of using on location NC anchors on basically every story that one was available for.
All by AlexS

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Government to hold daily UK televised press briefings

If you’re up for a laugh...

Goodness me, some ridiculous names in there... Andrew Neil at 20/1? The man who Boris refused to let interview him at any cost 6 months ago?? And Fiona Bruce??! One of the BBC's top earners, how is the No 10 press office going to match her salary??! The bookies are having a laugh on this one.

I would imagine the only people that would be interested in such a job are those who have been sidelined (or are about to be made redundant) by their current employer or are coming towards the end of their careers. The downing street job will come with very little job security especially beyond the next election and whoever takes it will make themselves basically unemployable within the broadcast media which relies heavily on the perception of impartiality, which makes it a bad idea for anyone who has long term prospects with their current employer. Clearly if the person is facing having no job anything is better than nothing and someone who is due to retire in the not to distant future may well be interested in trying something different for the latter part of their career without the need to protect their future options. I suppose the job may also suit somebody who would like to become a tory politician in the future as there is a reasonable chance that someone who successfully does the role for a few years would be nominated for the lords as part of the PMs resignation list.

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Coronavirus | General TV News Coverage

Not really. This is an address rather than press conference and has undoubtedly been timed to capture the audience in peak time.

About time too.

As far as I'm concerned this statement should be forcibly taken across every single TV and radio broadcasting channel, however big or small at 8.30pm to finally ram home the message to those who still think they are going to behave as normal come what may.

An Oval office style Prime Ministerial address has long been overdue. At a desk preferably, not a lectern. It needs to look as serious as possible.

Surely it should be live and not recorded as mentioned.

I could just imagine the saleswoman on Gems TV introducing the bulletin along the lines of 'now for an important statement from the prime minister, we'll be back with more amazing products in a few minutes if he doesn't shut us down'.