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BBC News: Presenters, correspondent & rotas

AlexS posted:
Kasia did the 23:00 half hour from E this evening with Shaun Ley returning at 23:30 for the papers. Just looks like a mess on air with Kasia 21:00-21:30, Mishal 22:00-22:25, Shaun 22:29-22:44, Kasia 23:00-23:26 and Shaun 23:28 until the film review, presumably Kasia again at midnight and someone else from 1am.

As I’ve said before, whilst it may look a mess to some people on screen, please remember that the news operation is more than just the newscaster on-air.

There are multiple back room staff working different shifts and those numbers are depleted due to the social distancing regulations in the building and are further depleted due to weekend work patterns (the latter impacting less so).

The backroom (and on-air) staff need to have proper breaks, shift handovers etc, and the facilities they use must be disinfected to a degree between shifts.

Whilst that happens, largely for staffing and health and safety reasons, things on-air may appear a little disjointed (but only to those of us who watch rolling news for hours on end).

‘Normal viewers’ who dip-in to watch half an hour of news at some point in the evening won’t notice the presence of three different presenters in a short space of time.

I know this is the stuff upon which TVF thrives, but let’s cut these guys some slack, eh? It’s getting boring hearing the same complaint over and over again.

The folks at BBC News (both sides of the camera) are working their socks off to keep this big machine moving, against a backdrop of new rules and regulations that we don’t even realize.

Is there any workplace on the planet that hasn’t been operationally affected by the pandemic? No.

It just appears acute on BBC News because it’s always present and a 24 hour op.

To some extent that is true but at the same time last night took musical chairs to a new extreme that simply wasn't necessary as shown by the fact it hasn't happened on any other weekend. The only reason that Kasia did the 23:00 bulletin is her Polish connections but frankly there wasn't enough about the Polish election within the bulletin for this to be at all logical.

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Coronavirus | General TV News Coverage

When the Lad Bible asks about the most sensible question at a conference it becomes clear that something has gone very wrong at the established outlets.