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Local TV


The Weakest Link, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, The Chase

The day in 1927 that John Logie Baird finally pioneered telly.

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CBBC Channel

Josh posted:
Episodes of the show Trapped are to be aired from the 12th of October:

Certainly hope so. This was not bad at all when it was aired first time out; I remember I watched it when quite little. It's an extremely odd show, looking back at it, but if they're testing the waters for another go, I shan't have any complaints.

I just hope they won't do the "Ever After" thing they did in the last series and bring back Eve Kampf (she was much scarier than the other one).

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ITN Nostalgia

When I hear someone go on about ITN one thought leads to another, and then I can only really think of the Powergen weather things...