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Admiral Sven

Last Orders

Sadly, I've never had anything worth uploading but I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has been kind enough to do so.. If anyone asks for anything obscure, I will have a furtle around the basement. As the end is nigh, I am asking - with tongue firmly in cheek and jokingly - for clean copies of the following:
3-2-1; Blockbusters; Bob's Full House; Family Fortunes (1980); Bullseye.
I jest because I know they will never appear and it's always great to wish for something - especially as we see the curtains close on this wonderful show that is TV Forum. Good luck folks!!

I've got the Bullseye things; check your PM's Smile

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Admiral Sven

The ITN Nostalgia Thread

When I hear someone go on about ITN one thought leads to another, and then I can only really think of the Powergen weather things...