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JAS84 posted:
intending to benefit from being the only new record out

This is false, it was beaten by another New Entry, Touch Me by Rui da Silva.

Presumably their label initially thought they'd easily beat Rui Da Silva though.

They actually ended up 14,000 copies behind though, so that early leak of Steps didn't make any difference.

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Top of the Pops

One thing I've been wondering, those "live by satellite" performances they had in the 90s, I've wondered exactly what they meant be "live". Seeing as the show was pre-recorded, was it played live at the time the show was broadcast and slotted in amongst the pre-recorded material, done live during the show's recording, or was it just an impressive sounding technicality because it was "live" at the time it was sent over by satellite and recorded?

There's also the strange thing in a December 1994 episode where we have Mariah Carey and Celine Dion both promoted as "live by satellite"- even though they're both music videos shot on film with a fair bit of editing, so are in no way live (the Celine Dion one was made specially for TOTP, but it's still quite clearly on film and edited). Maybe the videos were being sent to Elstree via satellite, but they're clearly still not live!

Also just had a quick look at a couple of the episodes I have, and on one episode from 1993 during Mark Franklin's link you see the audience behind him awkwardly shuffling from one part of the studio to another. They clearly didn't put him or the camera in the best place.

When they started doing the "live via satellite" performances in 91 or 92, the presenter would usually speak to the performer before they sang, so perhaps they started off as live, but by the time you get to the Ric Blaxill era they weren't.