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Steph's Packed Lunch

AlexS posted:
Jonwo posted:
It’s hard to see where Channel 4 go from here - let the current series run it’s course and then bin it, or stick with it and hope it grows.

With such low numbers from the off, I just don’t see its viewing figures growing into an audience that makes the channel a profit.

Steph is a perfectly good host, but it’s a tough market and sadly I don’t think she’s the big draw Channel 4 thought she was.

If not a business format, why not try a show aimed at the LGBT audience?

I think making a show aimed solely at LGBT audiences would cause figures to drop even further!

It also makes no sense to think Steph would be willing to present such a show considering the efforts she makes to keep her personal life away from the public eye and the inevitable headlines it would create.

Worth pointing out I wasn’t suggesting Steph specifically should host a LGBT based show, I have no idea what sexuality Steph is, it was more of a suggestion for the slot more widely.

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'AM' graphics

I will no longer comment on this crap.

I'm sure everyone here will be devastated.