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Wanted to add a final post before the lights go out. Will truly be a sad change to not check this site every day, but very grateful for all of the hard work involved in maintaining the site (and trying to keep all of us under control!). I’m not sure if I’ll move over to any of the other places, so if we don’t speak again, thanks everyone.

Over and out.
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ITV News

Lots of fairly catty comments on this thread recently — you can dislike a broadcaster without making juvenile remarks about them.

The reality is that ITV is a commercial network that needs to generate profit. Offering viewers a carbon copy of BBC News’ 10pm bulletin is ultimately going to see ITV attract far fewer viewers in that slot, and reduces the possibility of making any kind of profit. News at Ten, therefore, needs to be different in some way to stand any chance of attracting viewers.

Bradby, nor his style of delivery, might not be particularly popular on this forum, but I believe ITV News at Ten attracts more viewers than it used to do previous to the Bradby revamp. The slot certainly isn’t performing worse in any case. Whilst BBC News remains far ahead, ITV have kept the current format for well over 4 years, so must be satisfied with viewing figures to some extent at least.

For what it’s worth, I don’t personally mind Bradby or his delivery. Although it’s very rare I watch a standard news bulletin, I want the news to make me think. IMO, a broadcaster adding their own observations to a particular event makes you actually stop, think and develop a view.

With the cuts over at BBC News, ITV have a real opportunity to try and gain some ground. With BBC News now single headed seemingly in every instance other than Breakfast, ITV News could return to double headed bulletins, and really build up those partnerships. For NaT, Julie Etchingham and Ranvir Singh would be a really formidable combination (or Tom and Ranvir). Who knows if Mary Nightingale would welcome a co-host for the Evening News, but I think Rageh Omaar would be a good choice. Bringing some younger talent in too would be a good idea, but I don’t particularly watch ITV News enough to know who’s up and coming.