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Good Morning Britain in 2020

Does anyone think ITV would ever put gmb on 7 days a week?

It’s always seemed fairly unlikely because of the extra costs involved, and the number of viewers around on weekend mornings is very low (sometimes around 100k).

However, GMB has been getting some genuinely strong numbers recently - 968k the Wednesday just gone, which is probably one of their highest ever averages on a day without a big news event. A lot of the talk around GMB’s ratings are hugely spun by Morgan, and should be taken with a huge pinch of salt, but the show has been performing well recently (Breakfast is still far ahead on 1.5m before the usual suspect gets themselves carried away).

This improvement might potentially make a weekend GMB more viable, but can the show hold on to its strong ratings over the summer, and is the recent boost solely down to coronavirus?

GMB would certainly strengthen their weekend mornings though, added with the likes of James Martins’ cooking show and This Morning on Sunday, ITV could have a solid schedule for Saturday and Sunday mornings, if it was commercially viable of course.
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'AM' graphics

I will no longer comment on this crap.

I'm sure everyone here will be devastated.