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BBC World News

Some of the gallery operation from this morning on BBC World News and BBC News.

That whistling of the countdown theme at the start made me crack up...😂If I have a chance to be or work in a gallery I'm gonna be soooo annoying constantly humming the themes and stings...

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BBC News nostalgia, including BBC World

I was finding some clips on tropical storm coverage back in 1997 and somehow I've stumbled across this part of the clip showing capturing the asia feed of BBC World on August 2, 1997.

You'll see Matthew Amroliwala presenting a bulletin, a continuity with breakfillers and promos, and some parts of a programme named "Our World: The Last Governor". The part of BBC World starts at 18:27 and there is a short interruption of an accidental channel change from 19:08 to 19:32 .

(I've added a "?t=" time suffix at the end of the media link but it won't jump to the correct timeline when I press play Zipper )

(Is it just me or Matthew's hairstyle haven't changed much throughout these years?? Zipper)

I've also accidentally stumbled accross this clip from a gallery director's channel, showing a full 15 minute bulletin back in October 1994 on BBC World Service TV. You'll see the gallery's output of the bulletin in full, complete with the talkback from the gallery staff, presented by Nicola Davies. I'm still loving the theme.