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House of Commons native HD

Were the cameras HD before but didn’t have the HD gallery? It looked fantastic when I remember Brexit negotiations.

Correct. Cameras have been HD for a long time. There's some pretty good SD-HD upscalers out there!
Isn’t the Milbank studio close to Parliament? I remember looking at a map and it appeared it was near. Couldn’t they put a camera on the roof and run it without a cameraperson to sit there as they record a loop?

There is a PTZ camera on the roof of the QE2 Conference Hall on Parliament Square which used to be the background of the guest DTL studio in Millbank. Now it's not used much at all - only when something happens on Westminster Bridge or someone climbs Big Ben... or for practising manual camera moves if the camera op is particularly bored.

If I recall correctly, that background looked pretty nice and had sky news logos superimposed. Anyone got any screen grabs from that time? I think they only ditched it because of scaffolding now up around Big Ben. Incidentally, does anyone know when those works are due to end?

Another 2 years yet.

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New look Top Gear

Also what is Sabine Schmidtz doing there? It's no place for a woman.* It's a show about lads dicking around.

Ummm, what? I had to read that post three times there to try and figure out whether you're trying to be funny. But no, you're just being offensive and sexist.

Interesting fact for you... it's 2016 and women like cars too.