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TV Forum: New for (the middle of) 2020

I find it all a bit odd and off really.

Of course, there's no obligation to provide a platform to talk about GB News at all, but then it is a platform for talking about TV Presentation.

Like it or not, presenters are part of presentation. This channel, and the News UK one, are likely going to be the biggest channel launches and changes this year, and so it's natural that people will want to speculate and talk about them. Speculation is more than half of what TVF does after all!

Shutting down conversation before it even gets going seems overkill, especially in the context of other discussions.

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Saturday Night Takeaway 2021

There really are a bunch of grumpy buggers on here tonight.

It was a decent show and put a smile on my face which is exactly what is needed after the last year.

Technical issues aside, it's pretty impressive to have 300 video calls up and running and coordinated live.