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GMB | Patsy Palmer “Walk-off”

I'll bring things back to Patsy... I think what she did was tacky and unprofessional. She's gone right down in my estimation.

I'm not condoning the phrase that was used at all, and she had every right to be offended by it. What I'm disappointed with was how she referenced "doing a Piers". It was totally unnecessary. She could have said her thoughts on it and cut the interview there.

Even when the camera switched to her, you could tell she didn't want to be there before she noticed the text. She just wouldn't engage with Ben or Susanna and quite frankly, it was painful from start to finish.
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Good Morning Britain

Why was Piers Morgan going on about closing the gap ratings-wise on Breakfast yesterday? As far as I can see, Breakfast still gets, more or less, double the audience of Good Morning Britain - e.g. on Tuesday, 1.44m (39%) to 726k (21%).

I believe Morgan's point was that Breakfast is down year-on-year - but nothing alarming - and their show is fractionally up year-on-year, but that's what it is - fractional. The way Morgan was going on, you'd think Good Morning Britain had actually beaten Breakfast. Perhaps they'll be dedicating a whole edition over to bashing BBC Breakfast when / if they ever do.

Fair enough, they're proud of their show but there's a fine line between pride and unpleasant gloating and criticism of the opposition.

It's 2019. Who cares about facts or the truth anymore? It's all about who can boast the loudest - just ask Piers' mate Don.

Piers has the best figures. Believe me. They're great. Love the guy. The show couldn't do it without him. He's terrific. Dan Walker. Bad. Very rude. Very Very Rude. Lots of E-mails. Bad. Believe me. He's a loser. Very bigly. A yuge loser.