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Did the lunchtime news keep the clock face titles right up to 1999? As I know the Early Evening News dropped them and went with an intro like the Weekend News

OT for this thread also, but those trailers are interesting in the 1998 clip, a rare clip of NPU trailers but pre ITV logo change
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The 1995 relaunch was definitely done in stages. I did a bit of research in the PRS music database a while back and these are the dates when Dave Hewson's new music was first used for each bulletin:

Lunchtime News: 13th March 1995
Early Evening News: 5th June 1995
Morning News: 18th June 1995
Weekend: 15th July 1995

The only reason I can give is that it had always been done that way. There had never been a time in ITN's history that they had rebranded all the bulletins at once - not until 2004 really. I guess it was just safer to focus on one programme at a time?

Posts like these are why I love this place. First class info Robert! Thanks so much for sharing these dates. Also many many thanks for pointing out the ITV move from the first floor to the ground floor. I have to say it completely passed me by at the time! Very Happy In Martin Lambie-Nairn's book he writes that with the new atrium view, they had to be careful not to shoot into any other company's workspace. Perhaps that was the reason for the long delay between the new look appearing on the LTN and the EEN - to iron out any teething problems with the atrium view as VMPhil posted on page 1. Also I imagine they had to make sure not to have a direct view of the main entrance?

I think you can count on one hand the amount of times Trevor McDonald was seen presenting from the blue newsroom studio instead of the NAT set.

I can't remember Trevor doing anything other than News at Ten during the period, so I guess it would have been for breaking stories or news specials he might have ventured in there, though I've only seen Dermot Murnaghan in caps from the Diana coverage. If a news special found itself in primetime during the late 90s did it generally follow ITN or News at Ten branding?

I have vague memories of seeing one or two news specials in primetime using the usual ITN branding and Studio 4, but can't be certain. I do know the 9pm Diana special was presented by Trevor from a redressed News at Ten set, though with neither NAT nor ITN branding:

I have distinct memories of Trevor doing newsflashes from Studio 4 during the evening - there's an example on TV Ark but it's not the one I remember.

Not classic as it was only 8 months ago but of interest I'm sure - the opening really should be the endcap for ITV News bulletins:

I do wonder what the exact reason was for ITV to drop the ITN endcap. Channel 4 and 5 seem to have no problem using it. Every other production company gets a dedicated endcap on ITV...
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I've come to dislike the current ITN logo, I know it's a very minor change but I prefer the old logo with the thicker outline on the letterforms (and white logo on blue background).

Yes, the original version does have more of an authoritative feel to it than the current one. I don't mind the current logo that much but remember hating the animated endcaps they introduced, complete with different coloured logos. Bit tacky for my liking...

Back to YouTube and I found this recently uploaded NAT from July 1993. Interesting to reflect on how much has changed in terms of news presentation between then and now. The bongs are much, much shorter and punchier than they are now (although the current ones are still quicker than the BBC headlines!) There's no bed for the coming up sequence - just a dramatic sting into the break, no music for the news in brief, and only a faint drone behind the bongs at the start. It's amazing to think how restrained (and perhaps a bit staid) the delivery of news used to be.

We may have had this discussion before - anyone remember what happened if News at Ten aired much later than normal during the Trevor era. I do recollect Big Ben without hands on the studio monitors, but did they still use the normal 10pm titles?
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My recollection was that it was still News at Ten and still branded the exact same.

Interesting - in the brief clip here (4m57s), John Suchet is in the usual studio, but the monitors show Big Ben without hands, plus no 'News at Ten' lettering on the desk as normal. I can just about hear the voiceover in the background stating "From ITN, the NEWS" instead of the usual Ten announcement. I assumed if the programme aired much later than Ten, the usual titles were omitted, hence the documentary's use of the old London flyover titles?

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Does anyone have any memories of the ITN World News programme at all?

I know it started life as the ITN Super Channel News in 1987 and was presented from a Portakabin on the roof of the old ITN House on Wells Street - this was due to overcrowding in the building at the time. It shortly thereafter became known simply as the ITN World News and at this time used a fantastic theme tune. I know it had a major rebrand in around 1994 - but I'm particularly interested in the last incarnation as "World News for Public Television".

There is absolutely no footage of any sort of this version anywhere online - I think this may be due to the fact it ceased to air as part of the Morning News and so wasn't available in the UK. But, do any of our international members remember anything about this? What was the presentation like? Which studio did it come from at ITN? All I know about it is that Daljit Dhaliwal was the main presenter and it ended in about 2001 or 2002. If anyone has anything to add to this, I'd love to hear it!
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Thanks WW Update.

On a slightly different note, I have just found this video showing the early overnight news reports on the day the Gulf War started in February 1991. This shows what I think is Studio 3 and is very early into ITN's occupancy of 200 Gray's Inn Road - in fact, it had only been on air for around 2 months at this time. As you can see, it looks like a fairly makeshift studio set and uses what looks like the TV monitor that was used on the 5.40pm news at the time. It's certainly a far cry from what Studio 3 looked like the following year once it had been made over for the launch of the Early Evening News.

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