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Did anyone else find Juliet Bremner's voice weirdly loud when talking to Alastair Stewart last night? She was shouting her report across the desk to him about the hotel fire in Dubai so much so that they probably could have heard her in Dubai. Is she hearing impaired or had a shot of adrenaline or too much caffeine? It was odd.

I can confirm that we were - in fact - unable to hear her in Dubai.
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First time for Lucrezia Millarini on the Saturday Evening bulletin?

No no, not at all, she's done it many times before on a Saturday.

Not many - a few times. I would rather they use the likes of Lucrezia and even Faye Barker, rather than Kylie Pentalow...

Bad luck, Kylie is back next Saturday. Millarini appears to be the last choice for Saturday cover as a freelancer over ITV News Group staffers.
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I think Kylie Pentalow is perfectly capable, and it's nice to see ITV/ITN promoting it's own newscasters, rather than constantly taking them from the BBC.

Although Kylie only left the BBC a couple of years ago.
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I've noticed that they've started name checking who is presenting during the idents.

I noticed this the first time when they name checked Alastair on New Year's Eve and they've just done the same for James Mates.
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