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Subtle is right. Falling blocks ain't Christmassy. You're right about the potential for flexibility, but we're not seeing it's full potential on the strength of this endboard. Though when it comes to Christmas, I never expect much from Channel 4's pres package. They haven't bothered for years so why would they start now?
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But the falling white blocks pretending to be snow is a nice effect. Perhaps if the background was red or black it would look Christmassier than navy.

Forget about the end boards, are there Christmas idents? Will Santa be wearing traditional North Pole tribal clothing and dancing in his workshop, surrounded by (what look like) elves but turn out to be the C4 blocks dressed in elves clothing. Will the reindeer have heads entirely made up of the C4 Racing logo but with a red block for the nose of Rudolph?
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Snowman blocks ident just used before Secret Life of Children at Christmas. So you could say, Channel 4 do have a Christmas ident, but used before something themed.

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EDIT: Seen some tweaked Christmas breakbumpers
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