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Just wondering how price compares for what you get with the various mags.

Picked up the Total TV Guide for £2.20, which I thought was pretty good value as it's more towards the premium side than the cheaper market, while TV Choice is £1.00. Both from the same publishers of course - almost identical listing pages except Total TV Guide has two more pages per day, so more movie, sports and lifestyle channels. I did think Total TV Guide would win out on features but it probably doesn't really, though TV Choice is obviously more soap heavy. Both have a four-page sports guide and decent enough movie guide though - so in all honesty especially if you've just got Freeview I'd probably save yourself £1.20, although Total TV Guide feels like a much better quality print.
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Radio Times of course barely has a soap section at all, which I always find a tad snooty. When you consider the amount of time they take up in the schedules, one double spread wouldn't harm surely?

TV Choice was available in Leeds yesterday, I didn't see any others.

Here in Liverpool, the only one I've seen so far is Total TV Guide, not spotted any of the others yet. I'm expecting I should be able to get my RT tomorrow. In the meantime, I've bought Total TV Guide. I do like the layout of their TV listings. It's just a shame that they no longer have daily radio listings. They used to be the only other guide that still did so, up until earlier this year.